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        十、Please talk about your job.

        十一、What would you tell us about your working experiences?

        (39)Thank you for your question. It’s my great honor to briefly introduce my working experience to you all.

        (40)During the past four years, I have worked in a sales company as a manager assistant, and my daily work is to help the manager to deal with routine work.

        (41)By communicating with them, my communicative skills have been improved a lot!

        十二、Could you give me a brief introduction about your hometown?

        (42)I am from ……, a beautiful city in the northern part of …… province.

        (43)Though on the map it is very small and easily ignored, it is a city with charming scenery.

        (44)Besides attractive landscape, it also has a very long history.

        (45)Under their influence, we are always sticking to many principles in daily life.

        (46)In addition, we are also very friendly and hospitable and you cannot feel this unless you visit there in person. So sincerely welcome to my hometown.

        (47)This is my hometown which I really take pride of and I believe its future to come will be even better

        十三、Where do you come from? Talk about it.

        (48)I am from Xi’an, the capital city of Shaanxi Province, which is considered as one of the cradles of Chinese civilization.

        (49)Shaanxi opera is quite popular in this area which is characterized by its straightforwardness and enthusiasm, so the people here are no exception. If you are in trouble,we will always come to help you as soon as possible.

        (50)Besides good nature, we are strict with our work, persistently pursuing high quality. For example, the famous director, Zhang Yimou, attaches high importance to every detail of his works, including the theme, the actors and the frame.

        (51)Last but not least, we are extremely hospitable and so welcome to Xi’an!






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