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        十四、Could you tell us something about your family?

        十五、How many people are there in your family?

        (52)My family is not big, but very warm and harmonious. I have three families: my father, mother, and young brother.

        (53)My father works in a private high school as a vice-headmaster. He is diligent and responsible, setting a very good example for me.

        (54)What he has impressed me most is his optimistic attitude towards life.

        (55)My mother is a housewife. She is kind, amiable and diligent. She cooks and washes for us day after day, being the glue to keep our family together and harmonious.

        (56)Then here is my young brother. He is also a university student. Growing up together, we have learnt a lot from each other.

        (57)The most important is to share and care. As a boy, he is always taking care of me, and in return, I would like to share almost everything with him.

        (58)So these are my families. They give a lot of help to me, both materially and mentally. I will try my best to live up to their expectations and show much gratitude to them.

        十六、Who is the most influential one for you in your family?

        (59)Among my family members, my mother influences me most. To some extent, thanks to her, I live in a warm and harmonious family.

        (60)My mother is an ordinary farmer, and she sometimes does some odd jobs about construction. She is kind, amiable, diligent and responsible.

        (61)All her behaviors set good examples for me, and especially her diligence and responsibility influence me most.

        (62) In the meanwhile, I learn from my mother that I must be responsible for the things assigned to me or the team I belong to. I always behave actively in helping others, building the team or solving problems.

        (63)In the future study and life, I will spare no effort to make progress. Only in this way can I pay back to her love.

        十七、Could you give me a brief introduction about your university?





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