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        十八、Where will you graduate? How do you like your university?

        (64)As I have mentioned in my self-introduction, now I am studying at …… University, located in Beijing. Up to now, it has a long history of …… years, cultivating a lot of graduates and talents.

        (65)Despite its small size, it possesses many excellent students and amiable faculty.

        (66)All in all, this is the university which provides me with what I have dreamed of, and l love it so much.

        十九、Talk about a person who has impressed you most during university.


        二十、Who has impressed you most during university?

        (67)He is one of my teachers at university, Mr. Su, who has impressed me so much. The reason behind this includes three points.

        (68)First of all, he is a male and very handsome. As we all know, in the College of Foreign languages, boys are very precious, especially those who are cool.

        (69)Second and the most important point is that he is pretty knowledgeable and rigorous in academic research.

        (70)Last, he is quite strict with us during the final exam.

        二十一、Why do you pursue a further study as a postgraduate?

        (71)To begin with, although I have studied my major for almost four years, and grasped plenty of knowledge, I still find that the knowledge I have learned during undergraduate study is very limited, especially when I cope with some very professional issues.

        (72)Besides, being a student of this university is always my dream.

        (73)At last, another special consideration is that this college is close to my home.

        (74) Meanwhile, I find that my parents are getting older day by day, so I want to accompany them as much as possible.






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