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        Part A

        51. Directions:

        A foreign friend of yours has recently graduated from college and intends to find a job in China. Write him/her an email to make some suggestions.

        You should write about 100 words on the ANSWER SHEET.

        Do not use your own name in the email; use “Li Ming” instead. (10 points)





        a foreign friend of yours


        A foreign friend of yours has recently graduated from college and intends to find a job in China


        make some suggestions


        Li Ming


        Dear Friend,

        I am writing this email to you to make suggestions for your job hunting in China.

        For one thing, it would be greatly appreciated if you could dress formally for the interview because it is beneficial for showing your sincerity and leaving a good impression. For another, it is advisable to display your confidence when answering questions, because employers are more likely to judge your capacity by your external performance.

        I sincerely hope that my advice can draw your attention and wish you to find a desirable job.

        Sincerely yours,

        Li Ming


        1. 建議求職時要目標明確。

        It is advisable to hunt for a job with a clear target.

        2. 多和面試官進行眼神溝通可能會取得更好的效果。

        Making more eye contact with the interviewer would yield better results.

        3. 在面試中保持微笑會有助于拉近與面試官之間的距離。

        It is helpful for you to smile during the interview process to get closer to the interviewer.

        Section III Writing

        Part B

        52. Directions:

        Write an essay of 160-200 words based on the picture below. In your essay, you should

        1) describe the picture briefly,

        2) interpret the implied meaning, and

        3) give your comments.

        Write your answer on the ANSWER SHEET. (20 points)









        As is vividly depicted in the photo, a father and his son in a costume are having a conversation, which successfully attracts our attention. What makes the photo more attractive is the fact that the kid says unhappily, “Dad, my classmates consider Chinese opera boring”, while his father replies, “It is good enough as long as you like it.” Clearly, the photo has shown an implied meaning that it is important to be confident, which needs to be given further analysis.

        What has been conveyed in the above picture is that self-confidence plays a vital role in our daily life. To begin with, during our lifetime, there will always be occasions when we encounter challenges and get into rather difficult situations. The main advantage of self-confidence is that it gives us the strength to overcome difficulties and the resolution to solve problems. Besides, it is such a positive attitude that drives us to move forward and achieve our goals. Even if sometimes things don’t go your way, you still believe that they eventually will.

        Self-confidence isn’t inborn but acquired. It can be learned, practiced, and mastered—just like any other skill. Once you acquire it, everything in your life is going to change for the better.


        1. 其他主題

        (1)堅持自己的興趣愛好 stick to your interests

        (2)文化自信 strengthen cultural confidence

        (3)鼓勵培養個人興趣 encourage personal interests

        2. 作用分析


        With confidence, you’ll be able to be freed from your negative thoughts and take action in line with your values.


        Sticking to personal interests may be the deciding factor for some because a career choice based on interests can bring them personal satisfaction and professional success.




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